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Great Lakes Entrepreneur creates effective press releases that help your business gain the attention it deserves. We develop killer content to set your Web site apart from the competition. We write standard operating procedures so your employees understand the tasks at hand.

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Does your business have to spend hundreds on its next event? Absolutely not. Let Great Lakes Entrepreneur secure local sponsors who are willing to donate their products in exchange for unique exposure.

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Why the stigma of singleness stinks: ...

Why the stigma of singleness stinks: 3 Questions with Lindsay Henry
Editors’ Note: Lindsay Henry is the founder of BLOOM, an acronym for Believing, Loving, Owning, Overcoming and Moving Forward, a workshop program targeting teen girls and women. 1. When I was single, I went to Warped Tour, played video games until 3 a.m., got free doughnuts when the Hot and Ready light was on and bumped into shopping [...]

The worst business mistake I ever mad...

The worst business mistake I ever made
I went to college for writing. That means I never took a class entitled “Business Mistakes You Should Avoid to Stay in Business.” Instead I took a healthy balance of bowling, history and appreciation of the cinema, and latin dancing. Before you judge me on the dancing class, just know this: four guys and 50 girls. Enough said. [...]

7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Shouldn’...

7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Rely on Facebook, Tumblr or Behance
Entrepreneurs, your website should be the center, or hub, of your web presence. Although you’ll have profiles and content on several third-party web platforms, they should all promote and link back to your website. Why? You can’t control third-party platforms, but you can control your website. Some entrepreneurs try to avoid the effort of [...]

Two Ridiculous Reasons To Work Alone

Two Ridiculous Reasons To Work Alone
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company Founder Seth Getz Entrepreneurship and innovation are social processes. Yes, we can come up with ideas in isolation, but working with others helps us make them a reality. Social interaction spurs the thinking process [...]

4 Questions with Diana Sandberg: Mom ...

4 Questions with Diana Sandberg: Mom by Day, Entrepreneur by Night
1. Briefly describe your background, location, and how you started your business. My husband and I live in Denver, Colorado with our 8-month-old baby girl. I am originally from Mid-Michigan, and went to college at Central Michigan University. Since college, I have been primarily in Sales and Communication positions. When I was pregnant las [...]

The totally true, uncensored story of...

The totally true, uncensored story of the Jam Jar
As the barista in the coffee shop talked endlessly in a loud voice about the boring history of pronto pups, Matt Gira plugged a colorful mason jar into the wall, connected another wire into his cell phone and hit play on his digital music service. One Republic suddenly boomed throughout the small establishment, successfully drowning out th [...]

Yes, my son’s first birthday pa...

Yes, my son’s first birthday party was sponsored. And here’s how I did it.
  The Vision It’s rare to have a wild idea you dream up in your head actually pan out the way you envisioned it. But this month that’s exactly what happened to me. No, I am not referring to “the local bus system employing aspiring models” idea, or “the resident DJ who plays your favorite song each morning [...]

10 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From C...

10 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Coffee Shops
Courtesy: Franz St. of Flickr BY ALEX PEJAK When McDonald’s Australia opened their McCafé coffee shops in 2003, it was a brilliant business move. Those coffee shops drove a remarkable 50% jump in McDonald’s sales. In fact, across Australia coffee remains the country’s fastest growing beverage segment (with 28% growth since [...]

Virtual Book Tour Stop: 5 Common Trai...

Virtual Book Tour Stop: 5 Common Traits of Remarkable Women
BY JENN AUBERT Women entrepreneurs are a definitely a hot topic these days. It’s been amazing to see the number of articles, books, and magazine covers focused on the female entrepreneur. We are a force to be reckoned with—growing in both numbers, influence, and impact. But what exactly makes accomplished women entrepreneurs successfu [...]

The Next Big Thing from Harvard: Q�...

The Next Big Thing from Harvard: Q&A with Founder Samuel Shusterhoff
Name: Samuel Shusterhoff Age: 28 Location: New York City Summary of Business: LawNearMe allows users to intelligently search an expanding database of local attorneys and seamlessly schedule consultations without incurring a fee of any type. While in the past, searching for an attorney consisted of consumers asking friends and family for [...]